Organizational Goals: A Multicultural Perspective


  • Christopher R. Edginton
  • Michael L. Hastings
  • Gary Howat
  • Larry L. Neal


Goals, organizational goals, multicultural, cross-cultural, goal types, local park and recreation directors, and park and recreation departments.


This study reports the responses of directors of local park and recreation systems in Australia, Canada, and the United States concerning the goals of their organizations. Specifically, the study probed the following research questions:

What are the goals of municipal, park, and recreation agencies in the three countries?
What are the differences and similarities of the responses of the directors in the three countries?
What are the implications for park and recreation systems?

This was done by comparing and contrasting the results of three studies conducted independently in each of the countries. Both the current and future status of organizational goals were explored. Similar Likert-type questionnaires were disseminated to sample populations in each of the countries. In all three, a strong emphasis was placed on current maintenance and operation of parks and other facilities. Far less congruence was found among future goals than among those with a current orientation.





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