Politics, Public Recreation and Park Agencies, and the Chief Administrator: An Evaluation and Policy Research Analysis


  • William R. McKinney


Park and recreation administrators, policy research, evaluation, managerial roles.


Little evaluative information is available on managerial work in public recreation and park agencies. Such information is needed for training and development programs and for managerial selection, appraisal, and utilization. The purpose of this study was to compare the jobs of chief recreation and park administrators employed by city government with those employed by an autonomous governmental board or commission. Mintzberg's roles (1973, 1975) were used for the comparison. Descriptive and judgmental data were gained from a jury of experts by using process-oriented, qualitative research techniques. Results indicated that administrators operating under either type of governmental structure perform the same kinds of activities. The scope and depth of involvement, however, may be restricted under city government.





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