An Evaluation of an Automated Leisure Assessment for Community-Based Recreation


  • Roy H. Olsson, Jr
  • Kathleen J. Halberg
  • Christopher R. Edington
  • Mary Faeth Chenery


leisure assessment, microcomputers, test-retest reliability


A system for assessing individual needs using a microcomputer is proposed as a solution to the community recreation and park agency conflict between servicing individual needs and maintaining the cost efficiency of services. Individual needs assessments that are manually completed and scored are impractical because of the time needed to complete them and the time and expertise required to score and interpret them.This study evaluated the effectiveness of an automated leisure assessment system in terms of its reliability, attitudes toward its use, and the ability of users to use the system independently. Results suggest that the system was reliable, users had more positive attitudes toward computerized assessment than manual assessment, and consumers with little or no microcomputer experience could complete and score their own leisure assessments independently. Implications of computerized leisure assessments to community recreation agencies are discussed.?





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