Organizational Antecedents and Work Stressors to Attitudinal Outcomes


  • M. Teague
  • N. Van Dinter
  • D. Rosenthal
  • P. Retish
  • J. West
  • K. Mobily


job burnout, work stress, job satisfaction.


The authors present a structural research model for systematically addressing the relationship of organizational antecedents of work stressors to attitudinal outcomes (burnout, job satisfaction) and behavioral outcomes (absenteeism, turnover), and report on a study that examined the direct relationship between task variables, personality, and job stressors on professional burnout and job satisfaction. The data for the study were drawn from a survey of 500 Colorado park and recreation professionals. A stepwise multiple regression analysis and max R' methods of entering independent variables were used for analyzing the data. Critical variables consistently identified in this study as related to burnout and job satisfaction were personality type, role pressure and job involvement. Potential research questions based on the proposed research model were also presented.





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