Organizational Purposes and Practices of Local Government Recreation and Park Agencies


  • Bernard N. DiGrino
  • Carlton F. Yoshioka


organizational purpose, local government, latent goals, manifest goals.


Local government recreation and park agencies were found to vary regarding the primary purpose of their respective organizations. Of the 156 responding agencies located in Illinois, 50 indicated that "compliance with popular public or market wants" was the primary stated mission of their organization. Another 50 respondents felt that "compliance with popular public or market wants" shared the top mission rating with the alternative mission purposes of "enhancement of human and/or environmental well-being" (34) and "increased ratio of revenue to expense" (10). On a 0-10-point scale, chief executive officers (CEO) ofthe agencies studies stated that significant variation was present between mission and actual practice ratings. The operational realities of cost containment and emphasis on revenue generation were evidenced by CEO ratings. There appeared to be a greater tendency for organization to adhere in actual practice to the purpose of "compliance with popular public or market wants."?





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