Recreation and Park Management Versus Business Management: A Comparative Job Analysis


  • Debra J. Summers


job characteristics, job satisfaction, recreation and parks, management, personnel administration.


Formal job descriptions are widely recognized as critical personnel administration tools. Such descriptions, traditionally, focus on objective duties, responsibilities, or functions of the job. Intrinsic characteristics of the job such as the degree of skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, feedback the job entails and potential satisfactions that may be derived from the job do not receive the same formal recognition in job descriptions.This study investigated the perceptions of park and recreation management employees regarding various dimensions of their jobs, their achievement through their jobs of a number of critical psychological states, and their degree of satisfaction with a number of job outcomes as measured by the Job Diagnostic Survey (JDS). These findings were then compared with the findings of earlier investigations employing the JDS of management employees in business organizations and business employees in general. This report provides valuable information to those interested in or involved with the training, recruitment, selection, and retention of managers in the parks and recreation field.?





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