Evaluative Research of Leisure Services: Application of the Discrepancy Theory to a Day Camp for Nursing Home Residents


  • Carol Cutler Riddick
  • Meg DeSchriver


elderly, outdoor day camp, derived satisfaction.


The goal of this study was to apply the discrepancy theory to a leisure service setting. Moreover, two questions were addressed in this study. First, is participation in an outdoor day camp a satisfying experience for nursing home residents? Second, what needs do nursing home residents report as being satisfied by participation in a day camp program? The results revealed that the nursing home residents derived overall satisfaction from the program. The outdoor day camp experience was particularly satisfying in meeting the psychological, social, relaxation, and aesthetic needs of the elderly participants. The program, however, was not viewed as meeting the educational and physical needs of the nursing home residents. Recommendations for further research and implications for practice are discussed.?





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