Recreation Use Patter-ns and Development Priorities: A Comparison of Residents' and Community Leaders' Views


  • Lawrence R. Allen
  • Robert Gibson


Use patterns, development priorities, residents vs. leaders, community decisionmaking, recreation.


The purpose of the present study was to compare the views of community leaders with those of a sample of community residents regarding recreation use patterns and development priorities. The subjects were asked to determine whether they would use various types of recreation facilities if the facilities were provided in the future. Also, they were asked to indicate the top priority for recreation facility development in their city. In terms of use of future recreation facilities and services, the two groups agreed on recreation development priorities. However, the latter listing of development priorities was quite different from the listing established when the two groups were asked which facilities they would use if the facilities were developed in their city. In summary, community leaders and community residents view recreation development priorities similarly, but the priorities may change for both groups depending on the nature of the questions asked to gather the information.?





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