Understanding the Causes of Conflict Between Commercial and Recreational Users of the Mississippi River


  • Leo H. McAvoy
  • James H. Gramann
  • Rabel J. Burdge
  • James D. Absher


Conflict causes, outdoor recreation, resource management, commercial users, recreational boating.


As the demand for recreation space increases, recreational use may intensify in resource areas that have been traditionally used for commercial purposes. This study of recreational boaters and commercial barge operators on the Mississippi River offers a unique opportunity to study conflict in a new dimension. Using propositions developed by Jacob and Schreyer to explain causes of conflict among recreationists, this study found three of those propositions to be helpful in understanding the causes of commercial vs. recreational user conflict. These causes centered around differences in activity intensity, skill level, and possessive attitudes toward the resources. Application of Jacob and Schreyer's theoretical framework is discussed as well as implications for recreation management and research.?





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