The Non-Use of Public Park and Recreation Facilities in Tulsa


  • Timothy D. Schroeder
  • Max Wiens


Barriers, non-participation data, reasons for non-participation.


This study investigated the characteristics of non-users of Tulsa, Oklahoma parks and recreation facilities and their reasons for non-use. Telephone interviews were conducted with 524 households. The demographic characteristics of high and low users of public pools, community centers, and parks and playgrounds were compared.

High and low users were found to be significantly different in most demographic characteristics. The sample was divided into demographic segments and their reasons for non-use were compared. Lack of interest was found to be the most prevalent reason for non-use, with other reasons being important for specific demographic segments. Frequent users of public facilities were also frequent users of private facilities, leading to the conclusion that private facilities tend to complement rather than substitute for public facilities.?





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