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Attitudes and Behavioral Intention of Practitioners in the Park and Recreation Profession Toward Continuing Education

Bertha Cato


The explosion of knowledge and technology in society has challenged the modern person's ability to maintain an awareness of proven concepts and practices. As a result, professional programs offered by colleges and universities should not mark the end of learning for the park and recreation service practitioner. Individuals, like professional organizations, have developed a concern for continuing education and other forms of self-improvement, maintenance, and renewal. This study assesses the attitudes and behavioral intentions of a select group of park and recreation practitioners toward continuing education. The data was utilized as a decision base in establishing the national continuing education guidelines and requirements. It also provides a foundation for predicting the continuing education behavior of individuals practicing in the profession. Demographic characteristics and attitudes toward a mandatory requirement for park and recreation professionals are discussed.?


Continuing education, attitudes, behavioral intention, practitioner, park and recreation services.

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