Recreation Quality and the Market for Tent Camping


  • Douglas N. McEwen


Campgrounds, marketing, site amenities, tent campers, campground management, camper subgroups.


The object of campground management is the creation of an environment in which the camper can achieve a high quality recreation experience. In this study, we surveyed 623 tent campers at 17 private, modern public, and primitive public campgrounds in the Land Between the Lakes region of Kentucky, questioning them about the components of a quality camping experience. Results indicate that users of private campgrounds desire private sites and clean, well-maintained restrooms. They respond very negatively to noise problems but will tolerate facilities such as game rooms that aid operator profits. Tenters in modern public facilities show similar preferences except for a dislike of profit-oriented facilities. Primitive tent campers were less demanding than the other groups in most respects with the exception of their strong dislike for profit oriented facilities within the campground. These user preferences need to be taken into account when developing management and marketing plans for individual campgrounds.





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