Work Sampling Methodology for Analysis of Park Maintenance


  • L. Candace Goode


Job sampling, maintenance management, work measurement, work sampling.


Managers of leisure service agencies are faced with the problems of providing effective and efficient maintenance services as resources continue to shrink. To meet this challenge, management must have accurate information regarding the nature of the workload and the interaction of personnel and equipment and their performance. One way to obtain this information is to conduct work measurement studies. Although maintenance is considered one of the most difficult work categories to measure, techniques such as workload/cost tracking, historical standards, work sampling, standard data, and stopwatch studies have been used to measure industrial maintenance. Of the techniques listed above, only workload/cost tracking has been used extensively by leisure service agencies.The purpose of this paper is to introduce the readers to the work measurement technique work sampling. The theory of work sampling and its advantages and disadvantages are discussed. How to conduct a work sampling study is outlined and illustrated using a study conducted for the Maintenance and Operations Division of the Blue Ridge Parkway.?





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