Corporate Philanthropy: Changing Perspectives in a Time of Need


  • Brian J. Mihalik


Corporate philanthropy, leisure service agencies, donations, business.


In this period of economic change and rapidly increasing federal deficits, more and more pressure is being directed to the nonprofit and local government sectors to satisfy human needs. The federal role is decreasing, yet the financial resources available at the local level to satisfy the delivery of human services is not increasing. Because of this financial gap, people are turning to the private sector for more financial support. In corporate philanthropy lies the hope for many organizations with limited financial resources: Consequently, the purpose of this study was to examine the philanthropic process in granting requests to local agencies that seek corporate help within the state of South Carolina. This pilot study explored the financial extent based on a percent of pre-tax income, rationale, perceived corporate outcomes, method of philanthropic evaluation and selected personal opinions held by the chief executive of the 200 largest manufacturing businesses in South Carolina. Two important findings are that over 94% of the responding plant executives indicated that their plants annually made philanthropic contributions, and that over 96% of the responding executives indicated a preference for local versus regional philanthropic requests.?





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