Recreational Use of Public Lands: The Role of the Manager


  • Alan Jubenville


Outdoor recreation resource management, role of the manager, recreation site, user choice.


The conceptual roles of the recreational user and public land manager, and the interaction of those roles, are developed in terms of products each produces, inputs to those products, and the constraints on those inputs. In sum, the manager creates the site, or recreational opportunity setting, to which the user responds in terms of his/her perception of the site attributes. Since this is a perceptual response, the manager must assess not only the environmental attributes but also how the area is managed. User choice.appears to be a multiplicative model, rather than an additive one, where the package of managerial actions interacts multiplicatively with the environmental setting to produce the users' perception of the site. Furthermore, the actual value to be derived appears to be linked to the environmental setting. The package of managerial actions determines the aggregate clientele who actually benefits from the environmental values.?





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