Team Integration: Key to Working Together More Effectively


  • John G. Williams


Team integration, individual assessments, team profiles, input of information, formation, expression of information, behavior styles.


This article describes a unique process with which the City of Sunnyvale, California is experimenting to improve team work and working relationships between its managers. The process utilizes natural work units and is conducted by trained consultants who develop a profile on each team member dealing with how he/she processes information, solves problems, deals with stress, makes judgments, perceives data, as well as his/her behavior characteristics dealing with control, affection, and inclusion. Members of the team share their profiles with other members of the team with the help of the consultants. The team learns how best to deal with one another to improve working relationships and capitalize on each other's strengths in order to increase their team effectiveness. The City of Sunnyvale has seen significant improvements as a result of this process and is extending the process to all city departments. Testimonials by four managers who participated in the team integration exercise are provided to give the reader better insight into the team integration process.





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