Role Conflict and Role Ambiguity in the National Park Service


  • Richard J. Gitelson


National Park Service, role stress, role ambiguity, role conflict, participation in decision making.


Role stress within an organization has been linked with several dysfunctional individual and organizational consequences. The present study looked at two forms of role stress,' role conflict and role ambiguity, within the National Park Service. The sample included park superintendents and those employees who report directly to the superintendent. A self-administered questionnaire was used to determine the association between the two forms of role stress and two potential antecedents, i.e., level of participation in decision making and boundary -spanning activities. The findings suggest that the proposed antecedents are related to these forms of role stress, although only the correlation between participation in decision making and the two dependent variables was moderately strong. The data did suggest that there were significant differences between the various job classifications included in the sample as to levels of perceived role stress.





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