Recreation Non-Participation and Barriers to Participation: Considerations for the Management of Recreation Delivery Systems


  • Mark S. Searle
  • Edgar L. Jackson


Barriers, non-participation, management, philosophy, policy, program planning, and marketing.


Recent literature has suggested that managers in recreation are being confronted with numerous problems and issues, making their job increasingly complex. Chief among the issues facing recreation managers are those associated with the economy and fiscal restraint. In this era of cutbacks, facilitation, and reduced service, some individuals are being excluded either by design or by accident. The results from the 1981 Public Opinion Survey on Recreation conducted by Alberta Recreation and Parks, substantiated this concern in the inter-related areas of recreation non-participation and barriers to participation. Based on the results of this research, considerations for managing recreation services are presented. Implications for philosophy, policy, program planning and marketing are the specific areas addressed. The implications are reviewed and findings suggest the need for a reassessment and revised approach to the provision of recreation services.





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