Sex-Role Stereotypes and Evaluations of Administrative Performance by Municipal Recreation and Park Administrators


  • Judith Kennison


Sex-roles, sex-role stereotypes, sex-role attitudes, performance evaluations, women in leisure services, women in administration.


Few women hold administrative positions in parks and recreation. Two possible explanations for this apparent disparity are sex-role stereotyping and differential evaluations of males and females. This study investigated these external barriers with respect to managerial level positions in municipal parks and recreation.Two instruments were used to collect data. Three forms of the Descriptive Index (DI) asked for descriptions of women in general, men in general, arid successful park and recreation administrators. The second instrument, Evaluations of Administrative Performance in Parks and Recreation (EAPR), consisted of vignettes depicting administrators in decision-making roles. Subjects were asked to make judgments about these decisions.Responses were obtained from 136 park and recreation administrators (68% of the sample). The results of this study differed from those of similar studies in other fields. Recommendations are made for improving the status of female professionals in the field of parks and recreation.





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