Imaginal Rehearsal Training: A Technique for Improving Simulation Training For Park Law Enforcement Officers


  • William O. Dwyer
  • Andrew W. Meyers
  • Craig Brown
  • Mark Winborn


Anxiety, imaginal rehearsal, law enforcement, ranger training, roleplay, simulation training, training.


This study investigated the value of an imaginal rehearsal-based relaxation training technique for reducing the anxiety experienced by park ranger law enforcement recruits undergoing simulation training exercises. Twenty members of a ranger law enforcement training program were randomly assigned to either an imaginal rehearsal condition or a relaxation control condition. Prior to and following intervention, subjects were role-play tested in law enforcement stress simulation exercises. Results indicated that the imaginal rehearsal group reported a significant reduction in anxiety compared to the control group. The findings are discussed in terms oftheir potential value for increasing the effectiveness of role-play law enforcement training for park rangers.





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