Entrance Fees & Visitation Levels


  • R. H. Becker
  • Deborah Berrier
  • G. D. Barker


Fees & charges, Park management, Use levels, Regional parks.


In 1982, the South Carolina State Paries began a program of collecting entrance fees for parks which had traditionally been free. Particular interest centered around the effects of this fee program on attendance at parks used predominantly by a local or regional population. Reported visitation at these state parks in 1982 showed a marked decrease over visitation figures for 1980 & 198 L This paper is an analysis of whether that reported decrease in visitation could be attributed to the new entrance fee program.A post-hoc analysis of visitation levels for 1980, 1981, & 1982 was undertaken, using a chi' square test for statistical significance. The authors conclude the reduction in 1982 reported visitation was not associated with the initiation of the entrance fee.





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