Motivational Discrepancy Between Staff Levels In Municipal Leisure Services


  • Larry L. Neal


motivation, leadership, municipal park, municipal recreation


Two-hundred-sixty-two municipal park and recreation administrators· were surveyed to determine: I) the level of motivation training among municipal park and recreation administrators; and 2) the presence of discrepancies between different levels of administration concerning perceptions related to motivators and motivational practices. High levels of perceptual agreement were found between the different levels of administration with respect to motivation factors; however, significant differences were found with respect to the perceived influence of administrators at different hierarchical levels on staff motivation. It was also found that approximately half of all respondents had received formal motivation training; however, this factor was not significantly related to perceptual differences related to perceived influence on staff motivation. The findings indicated that a high level of understanding on staff motivators exists among municipal park and recreation administrators, but that staff productivity could likely be improved through the development of greater agreement among hierarchical administrative levels concerning influence on staff motivation.





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