Lessons for Managers: Thinking Lean with Just-In-Time Management Principles


  • Maureen Glancy
  • John E. Coles
  • David Detzel
  • Lynn Luck
  • Brian S. Rupe


Japanese management, Just-In-Time (JIT), streamline, quick response, long-term planning, regulation, fiscal control, purchasing, facilities, personnel, program.


Leisure services have been impacted by the recent recession. Just as managers in other U.S. businesses and industries have turned to examine internationally recognized models for success, namely those employed by the Japanese, recreation and park managers can examine these models for useful guidelines to improve the effectiveness of their operations, too. The objective of this discussion is to assist managers in avoiding reactive responses to changeable economic and social conditions, rather, giving them specific ideas to apply in designing management systems for quick and accurate response as organizational environment necessitates. "Just-In-Time" management concepts of streamlining operations and responding quickly to market change are discussed in terms of six administrative functions: regulation, fiscal control, purchasing, facilities, personnel, and program. Interpretation of the concepts is carried out, contrasting some existing practices, a "Just-In-Case" approach, to a "Just-In-Time" method.





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