Practitioner-identified Technical Assistance Needs for Community Leisure Service Agencies


  • Brian J. Mihalik


technical assistance, maintenance management, community leisure service, professional development


Ninety-eight leisure-service directors in South Carolina were surveyed to determine areas in which technical assistance was needed. The 69 returned surveys provided data indicating that six of the top ten areas requiring technical assistance were in maintenance management. These topics included vandalism prevention, labor-saving designs and practices, work scheduling, evaluation of the maintenance program, park maintenance standards, and inventory control. The broad area requiring the least technical assistance by community leisure-service directors was programming. This study produced results similar to a study done of the same population in Georgia, where five of the top ten technical assistance topics were in maintenance management and the least-requested area was programming. The implications of this study are important for organizations providing education for community leisure-service directors. The university community may desire to increase its course offerings in the maintenance management area. Also, university professional development programs and organizations such as the National Recreation and Park Association should continue their professional development activities in maintenance management.





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