Indirect Versus Direct Regulation of Recreation Behavior


  • Leo H. McAvoy
  • Daniel L. Dustin


Recreation behavior, regulation of recreation behavior, outdoor recreation resource management, park management, direct regulation, indirect regulation, depreciative behavior


As the recreational use of parks has increased so too have negative environmental and social impacts. The problems of overuse, user conflicts, and depreciative behavior have forced recreation land managers to become more involved in visitor management. In the past, managers have usually opted for using indirect regulating methods. In this article the case for indirect versus direct regulation of recreation behavior is weighed on practical and theoretical grounds. Indirect regulation is judged to be problematic on both counts. Direct regulation is then judged to be increasingly justifiable for the sake of maintaining quality in outdoor recreation opportunities and the environment. A rationale is presented to assist managers in considering the merits of direct regulation of recreation behavior.?





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