Administrative Guidelines for the Development of Corporate-Sponsored Synergetic Recreation Programs


  • Brian J. Mihalik


administration, recreation programs, corporation, synergetic, guidelines, cooperative, corporate sponsored


Park and recreation departments across the United States have been offering community members opportunities to participate in regional and national recreation programs at little or no cost to taxpayers. Cooperative or synergetic efforts between business and government park and recreation departments have made possible the execution of these programs with businesses as the sponsors and park and recreation departments as the hosts. Because park and recreation agencies may desire to use new synergetic programs or enhance the development of existing programs, administrative guidelines have been developed to guide park and recreation agencies in the development and utilization of these programs. The Administrative Guidelines for Park and Recreation Agencies Utilizing Synergetic Programs includes such categories as-initiation, program team leadership, goals and objectives, strategy, pitfalls, implementation, annual budget, advertising, awards, and evaluation. The Administrative Guidelines for the Interaction of Business and Government include such items as initiation, the management team, goals and objectives, government responsibilities, business responsibilities, nuts and bolts, regional forums, public relations, and evaluation.?





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