Selection of Underwater Park Target Markets: A Canadian Example


  • Mick R.E. Matheusik
  • Allan S. Mills


target markets, market segmentation, underwater park, sport divers, preferences, motives, tourism planning


Questionnare survey data from 192 Ontario and 225 British Columbia sport diver users of underwater parks were used for a market segmentation of these two Canadian diver populations on the basis of their motives for participating in this activity. Factor analysis was used to define 8 stable motive dimensions common to both diver populations. These motive factors were combined with personal characteristics, behavioral characteristics, and resource setting and management preferences of sport divers to form composite descriptions of market segments for sport diving within underwater parks.Two target markets were selected from among the 8 market segments and compared to illustrate similarities and differences as well as possible implications for both public agencies and private sector entrepreneurs. Public and private bodies can use this type of information to make decisions more logically concerning underwater park settings, as well as to formulate effective managing and marketing policies.?





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