Computer Technology and Employee Resistance in Recreation and Park Delivery Systems


  • Alan Ewert
  • Alison Voight


computer system, computer applications, employee resistance, change, motivation, training, computer/employee anxiety cycle, computer/employee productivity path.


A new wave of computer technology has rapidly swept the nation's management operations in almost every aspect of service and production. The park and recreation field is starting to recognize the potential benefits of incorporating a computer system into its delivery and management of leisure services. The importance of such a transition is becoming even more critical as resources continue to diminish and demands for accountability increase.The element essential to any successful transition, especially when initially implementing computer use, is a receptive attitude on the part of park and recreation administrators and managers. Equally important is the establishment of viable training programs to adequately prepare their staff to use computers properly and to help alleviate resistance among employees. Computers can be a valuable asset with great potential as long as people are receptive to using them.?





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