Perception of Work Environments and Job Satisfaction Dimensions by Highand Low- Burnout Park and Recreation Professionals


  • Michael Teague
  • David Rosenthal
  • Randall Vessell
  • Paul Retish
  • Jude West


Burnout, work stress, job strain, job alienation. job involvement, job satisfaction


This study explored the perceptual differences of high- and low- burnout park and recreation professionals as to their work environments and job satisfaction. Four hundred twenty-two Iowa and Missouri park and recreation professionals responded to a Fall 1981 survey on burnout, work environment dimensions, and job satisfaction facets. All survey respondents held either supervisory or administrative positions in public park and recreation agencies. Fifty-eight professionals were classified as high burnout and seventy-two as low burnout. As expected, there were significant differences between the perceptions of high and low burnout professionals. Key work environment differences included task orientation, staff support, job Clarity, job involvement, and work pressure. Key job satisfaction facet differences included promotions, job comfort, and resource adequacy.?





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