Interagency Agreement Issues Which Benefit Recreation Departments and Public Schools


  • Calvin W. Lathen
  • Jess D. Caudillo


Agreements, Interagency, Usage, Shared, Facility


Recreation administrators are faced with the task of providing increased recreational services with decreasing resources and without new or additional facilities. Increased recreational use of school facilities addresses this situation by providing additional locations for recreation programming. The use of school facilities is not without its problems, and school administrators are often reluctant to release school facilities to the recreation agency. An interagency usage agreement which addresses the concerns of school and recreation administrators facilitates shared usage of school facilities. To determine which issues should be included in an interagency agreement 323 randomly selected recreation ahd school administrators were surveyed. These administrators evaluated 43 possible interagency agreement issues and rated their importance for inclusion in a usageagreement policy. The 14 most critical interagency agreement issues, constituting the core of a facility usage agreement between recreation and school agencies, are presented in the article.?





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