The Adoption and Implementation of Business and Industrial Management Strategies and Techniques


  • Debra J. Draper


Job characteristics, job outcomes, job satisfaction, management, leisure services, recreation.


Faced with the problems of rising co~ts and budget cuts, public recreation and leisure service providers have increasingly turned to private business and industry in search of strategies and solutions. A look at the work and worker research upon which such strategies and practices have been based, however, reveals an industrial bias that has all but neglected employees and jobs in areas outside of the industrial work setting. A lack of research attention paid to the realm of human or social service provision is particularly evident. It may be that managers of public recreation and leisure service organizations have much to gain from efforts in business and industry. However, research exploring similarities and differences between these occupational areas should be conducted to determine the appropriateness, generalizability, and  implications of employing industrial and business management practices in public recreation and leisure service provision.?





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