Park and Recreation Directors' Perceptions of Organizational Goals


  • Christopher R. Edginton
  • Larry L. Neal


Goals, organizational goals, goal consensus, goal congruence, goal types, municipal park and recreation directors, park and recreation departments.


This study reports the perceptions of selected municipal park and recreation directors of their organizations' goals. The methodology used in this study involved development of an 85-statement questionnaire based on the utilization of a classification of five general goal types: output, adaptation, management, motivational, and positional. Respondents were asked to react to each question in terms of What is the current status of each goal statement and What should be the future status of each goal statement? Responses were received from 382 municipal park and recreation directors in selected agencies in the United States (34 percent of the sample). Converted to ranks to allow for relative ordering of importance, these varied goals provide interesting patterns of support and the basis of trend analysis. Consensus (agreement of commonality) and congruence (relationship between what is and what should be) were observed and reported.?





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