A Model for the Development of Content-Valid Selection Examinations for Leisure Service Personnel


  • D. James Brademas


Personnel testing, content validity, quality of leadership, park and recreation administration.


One area of personnel management that has received intensive consideration over the last several years is selection. Interest in the development of selection examinations to assure quality of leadership has been manifested at both the state and national level. This study details a procedure for the development of content-valid personnel examinations. An extensive job analysis was carried out on seven positions common to the field of leisure services. The data generated in the job analysis formed the basis for the construction of the examinations. Forty-three incumbents representing the seven job titles implemented the procedure resulting in content-valid examinations. The examinations were administered to incumbents, park and recreation students, and persons in other ·curricula. The most positive results were found with the examinations for the director of parks and recreation and landscape architects in that both groups of incumbents scored significantly higher than the student groups.?





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