“Figuring Out the Age Gap”: Youth Reflections on a Youth–Adult Partnership


  • Taryn Price Oklahoma State University
  • Nicole Been Langston University




positive youth development, program planning, recreation, youth-adult partnership, youth voice


Recreation professionals are often charged with providing positive youth development (PYD) initiatives for youth. The interaction between recreation professionals and youth participants are central to these efforts. The current article presents reflections from youth participants after partnering with aspiring recreation professionals to plan a community-based recreation event. Responses from pre- and post-partnership focus group sessions were assessed to understand youth’s perception and experiences of working with adult participants. The results highlight key components for engaging youth voice and the importance of supportive relationships during youth-adult partnerships (Y-AP). Youth responses represent a conformity to social norms and highlight the need for adults to create supportive relationships when partnered with youth. Discussion and implications of the findings contribute to the support of Y-AP among recreation professionals seeking PYD programming initiatives.Subscribe to JPRA