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Development and Validation of the Outdoor Activity Profile (OAP): A Research Note

Andrew Lacanienta, Mat Duerden, Peter Ward, Ramon Zabriskie


This study sought to design and validate the Outdoor Activity Profile (OAP), which was based on the Family Leisure Activity Profile (FLAP; Zabriskie & McCormick, 2001). The OAP was designed to measure and categorize involvement as opposed to time in outdoor activities. Data were collected from undergraduate students on two occasions separated by four weeks. Significant correlations existed between all time one and time two involvement scores, thereby supporting the OAP’s test-retest reliability. Descriptive data is presented outlining involvement, satisfaction, and whom respondents were with during activity categories. One-way ANOVA results describe differences between male and female outdoor activity involvement and satisfaction across several categories. Practitioners’ applications of the OAP and future research are discussed.

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involvement outside; outdoor activities; measurement; satisfaction

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