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Vacation Activity Preferences: An Examination of Generational Differences across Psychographic Categories Employing Plog’s Model

Ryan Merritt, Carol Kline, Alleah Crawford, Paige Viren, Ginni Dilworth


This study investigated potential differences of preferred vacation activities among three generational cohorts using psychographic profile characteristics based on Plog’s Model of Tourist behavior. The generational cohort psychographic analysis illustrates how the different generations distribute across Plog’s continuum and their vacation activity preferences. Data suggest a fairly uniform psychographic distribution across the generational cohorts, however, specific activity preference differences were found across generations, with Generation Y preferring slightly more active pursuits, such as beach activities, walking, kayaking, and biking. DMOs should consider activity preferences and psychographic needs when creating marketing materials for all generational cohorts. Connecting the needs of the psychographic categories with preferred activities is a streamlined approach to destination marketing.

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Activities; adventure travel; generation cohorts; psychographics; vacation preferences

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