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Scenario-Based Estimation of Visitor Demand Change for Kafue National Park, Zambia

Brijesh Thapa, Gregory Parent


Kafue National Park (KNP) in Zambia has the capacity to substantially increase the volume of visitors. To realize its potential, improvements in infrastructure, availability of information, visitor facilities, and wildlife are direly needed. In this context, this study conducted a visitor demand assessment for KNP to examine the viability of growth based on potential improvements: road networks, visitor facilities and services, and the natural resources and amenities. Data (N=2,395) were collected via visitor intercepts at designated sites within the country. The changes in allocation of visitor days to KNP in response to hypothetical improvements described in three scenarios were assessed. Findings illustrate the greatest demand would occur with increase in the improvement to natural resources and amenities, followed by visitor facilities and services, and roads. Hence, it is imperative to invest resources to protect and enhance its greatest asset—wildlife. Overall, this study provides baseline information to assist management and stakeholders, as well as position KNP in southern Africa. 

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Tourists; national parks; demand assessment; park infrastructure; Southern Africa

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