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Cable, Ted T.
Cahill, Kerri
Cahill, Kerri L.
Cahyanto, Ignatius P., University of Louisiana at Lafayette (United States)
Caldas, Stephanie V., Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (United States)
Caldwell, Linda L.
Callinan, Elaine A.
Camarillo, Leslie Nicole, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (United States)
Cameron, Colin, Skidmore College (United States)
Camiré, Martin, University of Ottawa (Canada)
Campagna, Phil D.
Campbell, John G.
Campbell, Lindsay K., USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station
Caneday, Lowell, Oklahoma State University
Caneday, Lowell
Carlson, Jordan A., San Diego State University (United States)
Carlson, Mark
Carlson, Susan A., Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (United States)
Carlton, J. Stuart
Carnahan, Alexandra H.
Carpenter, Gaylene
Carroll, Joshua
Carruthers, Cynthia
Carruthers, Cynthia P.
Carter, David

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