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Resolving Commas Confusion: Erasing Comma Miscues and Promoting Sentence Writing at the Same Time

Jean Bragg Schumaker, Joseph B. Fisher


Multimedia software programs have been developed and empirically validated for teaching secondary students with learning disabilities new skills and strategies. Some of them can be appropriately put into practice in general education classes in which diverse groups of students are enrolled. One of them, the Commas Strategies Program (Schumaker & Sheldon, 2009), is featured in this article. Because comma skills are specified in national and state standards, all students are required to learn them. The Commas Strategies Program can be used to ensure that all students learn these skills. This article describes the previous research associated with the program and the components of the program. It also describes the features of the program that were specifically designed to ensure that diverse classes of students will learn from it. Further, it describes procedures teachers can follow to put the program into practice and ensure student learning. Enrichment activities that can also be used associated with the software program are suggested.

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Research to practice; computerized instruction; comma instruction; sentence construction; secondary students

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