Critical Perspectives on Disability Documentation in Higher Education: Current Trends and Observations


  • Manju Banerjee Landmark College
  • Adam R. Lalor Landmark College



disability documentation, accommodations, disability services, critical perspectives


The role of disability documentation in establishing eligibility for disability status, student support services, and accommodations in higher education has waxed and waned in the last two decades. At one time, referral for evaluation and the resulting disability documentation were essential prerequisites in establishing postsecondary accommodations. Appropriate documentation describing the disability resulted in legal protections (National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities, 2007). Without this documentation, individuals were ineligible for a host of work-related and educational accommodations and support services. But now legal, research-based, and educational perspectives are informing a new approach to the use and importance of disability documentation. This article presents critical and differing perspectives which build on observed trends and practices in disability documentation requirements and accommodation decision-making. Subscribe to LDMJ

Author Biographies

Manju Banerjee, Landmark College

VP of Educational Research and Innovation, Landmark College

Adam R. Lalor, Landmark College

Director, Landmark College Institute for Research and Training