A Survey of Postsecondary Disability Service Website Information


  • Manju Banerjee Landmark College
  • Adam R. Lalor Landmark College
  • Joseph W. Madaus University of Connecticut
  • Loring Cole Brinckerhoff




Disability documentation, websites, documentation guidelines


Websites of disability services offices in postsecondary institutions serve as an outward facing platform for disability related policies and protocols. Thus, these sites are an important source of information for current students, as well as prospective students and their parents. This is especially true in regard to requirements related to disability documentation, which can serve as the foundation for accommodation decisions. The present study examined disability documentation information on the websites of 299 postsecondary institutions, split evenly across doctoral, master’s, baccalaureate and associate institutions. While 89% of the schools mentioned disability documentation, there was variation in regard to the specific guidelines used, documentation recency expectations, and how students are expected to request and access services. Implications are addressed for both disability services personnel and students seeking services.

Author Biographies

Manju Banerjee, Landmark College

VP of Educational Research and Innovation, Landmark College

Joseph W. Madaus, University of Connecticut

Professor, Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut, Storrs.

Loring Cole Brinckerhoff

Director of Office of Disability Policy (Retd.) Educational Testing Service (ETS)