Implementation of Project CHASE (Children with Autism Supported to Exercise): A Facebook-Delivered, Parent-Mediated Physical Activity Intervention


  • Geneviève Marchand
  • Sean Healy


Autism, Physical Activity, Exercise, Telehealth, Facebook, Parents, Autistic Children, Rural


Web-based interventions have the potential to overcome many barriers for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including reaching rural population and lowering the cost of interventions. Project CHASE is a web-based intervention involving parents of children with ASD joining a private Facebook group where they were exposed to five components targeting the Social Cognitive Theory of behavior change. This intervention is aimed at increasing the physical activity participation of youth with ASD. This article describes the two stages implementation needed to replicate Project CHASE, as well as information to adapt the program to your community. Stage one provides information to prepare the Facebook page and recruit participants. Stage two highlights the design and delivery of the five components.

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