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Trained Peer Tutors in Adapted Physical Education Class

Chelsey Sands, Pamela Hodges Kulinna, Hans van der Mars, Leopoldo Dorantes


Literature on inclusion and peer tutoring framed this study, which aimed to determine students’ time on-task and perceptions when a peer tutor was present in Adapted Physical Education classes. Participants included eight middle school (grades 6-8) students with disabilities and eight typically developing seventh and eighth grade peers. Trained peers assisted their partner during the entire class. The study was a mixed-method (ABA) design with time on-task, interval video recordings, classroom observations, informal interviews, and surveys. Results for time on-task had high inter-rater observer agreement and differences across three time points including baseline, intervention, and follow-up. Students with disabilities displayed significantly increased time on-task when peer tutors were present. Additionally, both peer groups reported positive experiences.

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inclusion; mentors; schools; disabilities

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