Behavioral Supports to Increase Skill Learning, On-Task Behavior, and Enjoyment of an Adapted Tennis Program (ACEing Autism) for Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder


  • Loriane Favoretto
  • Claire M. Mowling
  • Justin Belisario
  • Richard Spurling
  • Michael Hagensick
  • Melissa M. Pangelinan


Tennis, social story, video modeling, picture schedule, token system


ACEing Autism is a national nonprofit organization that uses tennis as a vehicle to enhance the lives of children and families with ASD. To enable all participants across the spectrum to access the ACEing Autism curriculum, additional behavioral supports were developed and implemented for the ACEing Autism program at Auburn University. These behavioral supports included: 1. Social story, 2. Checklist schedule, 3. Modeling, 4. Token system, and 5. iPad-based feedback. A description of the ACEing Autism program, the behavioral supports developed to promote skill learning, on-task behaviors, and enjoyment, and specific examples of participants in the ACEing Autism program are provided. 

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