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Editorial Change

Dr. Julian U. Stein has been instrumental in PALAESTRA throughout its entire publication history. Most recently he has masterfully prepared this Resources column for you, our valued readers. Through Resources he has kept everyone current on new publications, media, and online materials designed to assist you in meeting the challenges of the unique populations with which you work, as well as the educational, sport, and recreational activities in which you, our readers, participate.  Sources and detailed content summaries have characterized his work. He has set a high standard of excellence that I will now attempt to follow as his successor in presenting this column to you.

I intend to provide the same general type of review, content specific and without bias. I welcome submissions in the form of actual books and CDs, as well as publicity flyers and product announcements. Please be advised that we do not purchase review copies. Nor can we return material after review. While we will consider every item submitted, there is no guarantee of coverage in PALAESTRA. This, many times, is determined not be quality of material, but by space available in the publication. Also, please note that we are not able to accept emails over 1M in size. These will be automatically deleted.

Should submitted material be published in review, you will be advised the issue the review appears in. Therefore, please include your contact email with your submission.


Submitted material should be sent directly to: 

Susan J. Grosse

1800 N. Prospect Avenue, 9A

Milwaukee, WI 53202


Should you hear of a resource that you would like to see reviewed, but one for which you do not have a copy, please contact us with the information and we will try to obtain it from the original source.

Questions? Contact and place PALAESTRA on the subject line of your email.

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