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NCPEID Featured Article–Utilization of Physical Activity in School-Based Settings for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Kathryn N. Oriel, Tanner Reed, Rachel Saufley, Erin Wetzel, Courtney Wilt


Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often demonstrate problem behaviors that interfere with performance at school. Physical activity (PA) has been shown to improve a variety of behaviors in children with ASD, although little is known about the degree to which teachers incorporate PA into the school day. One hundred twenty-one Autism support teachers completed a survey aimed to: assess teacher knowledge and perceptions of the use of PA in children and adolescents with ASD,  determine how PA is being incorporated throughout the school day for children and adolescents with ASD, and assess the barriers to implementing a PA program into their classroom. Ultimately, recommendations for Autism Support Classrooms were proposed based on findings.

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ASD; Physical Activity; School

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