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Adaptation Problems of Teachers and Students With Disabilities in the University Pedagogical Process in Russia

Sergey T. Kokhan, Elena V. Romanova, Alexander V. Skaliy, Vitold A. Kowalski, Svetlana Y. Taneva, Luiza V. Nadeina


Results obtained from investigations of pedagogical relationships between academic teaching staff and students with sensory-related and physical disabilities (the blind and the deaf, persons with mobility disability: persons who use wheelchairs, persons with absence of upper limbs) are presented in the study. It has been proved that current problems directly affect adaptive processes and successfulness of receiving a higher education by the students of these disability categories. The authors of the paper focus on the social stigmatization of disabled young people. Analysis of sociological studies has revealed a number of problems that affect the lack of training of teachers in higher inclusive education.

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Inclusive education; university teacher; adaptation; health condition; disability; student

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