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A University-Based Exercise Program for Postsecondary Transition Students with Disabilities

Jihyun Lee, Trenton H. Stewart, Erin A. Siebert


Although physical activity is beneficial for all, young adults with disabilities who are in community-based postsecondary transition programs often do not have enough opportunities to participate in regular physical activity. This postsecondary transition period is important to develop skills and knowledge for engagement in lifelong physical activity. Thus, ways to provide physical activity opportunities and movement experiences for postsecondary transition students should be sought. This article introduces a university-based exercise program for young adults with developmental disabilities, using low cost and accessible equipment and activities.  Diverse physical activity needs of the participants and types of physical activities are described. Future recommendations are made to advocate for physical activity for young adults with disabilities in community-based transition programs.

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Postsecondary transition; physical activity; movement-based; developmental disabilities

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