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Sport Performance Measures in Youth Wheelchair Basketball Athletes

Ryan T. Conners, Kathryn L. Rodebaugh, Ally Bosheers, Brandon Kane, David Kyle, Jessica Light, Madison C. Quick, Paul N. Whitehead


The purpose of this study was to determine baseline sport performance measures for youth wheelchair basketball (WCB) players. Sport performance measurements, including maximal pass distance (2.64 m ± 1.07 m), sprinting with a basketball (4.11 s ± 0.80 s), sprinting without a basketball (3.43 s ± 0.44 s), agility T-test (18.88 s ± 2.34 s), spot-shot accuracy (24 points ± 12 points), and pick-up test (19.27 s ± 5.13 s), were completed by sixteen (14.1 yr ± 2.2 years old, 60.8 kg ± 30.7 kg) youth WCB players. These sport-specific values for youth players enable comparisons between other junior players and elite WCB athletes. Furthermore, performance measurements provide feedback for coaches and players regarding the level of WCB performance and baseline measurements to quantify improvement over time. 

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Wheelchair basketball; adapted sport; performance measures; youth

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