A Practical Guide for Assessment of Skill Development in Wheelchair Basketball Athletes


  • Ryan T. Conners
  • Kathryn L. Rodebaugh
  • Glenn Cundari
  • Robert G. Cochrum


Adapted sport, coaching, performance measures, wheelchair basketball


Competitive Paralympic style sports like wheelchair basketball (WCB) continue to expand in both prevalence and participation, throughout the world. Proficient wheelchair basketball play requires a high degree of basketball skill, knowledge of strategy, and physical fitness. However, like many paralympic sports, the physical training, skill training and testing methods for WCB novice athletes continue to severely lag behind those of their elite counterparts. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to provide wheelchair basketball (WCB) coaches with a series of sport performance tests for WCB athletes. Incorporating sport performance tests during practice will enable WCB coaches to assess baseline and longitudinal measures to develop athletic skill and mark player progression. Coaches can then utilize these measures to assign positions, create strategies, and identify each player’s skill set. Subscribe to PALAESTRA





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